AR Tool that can Transforms CAD Models into Various Applications

However, this is very inefficient in terms of both workload and cost. What if one tool could solve many challenges?


One Tool for All Solutions

Misterine’s AR platform is a revolutionary tool that instantly transforms your own 3D CAD models into a variety of applications. With a single 3D CAD model, you can quickly create many different solutions in AR, including training materials that easily transfer know-how of skilled engineers, easy-to-understand operation manuals for assembly, maintenance and repair, attractive product introductions in 3D for sales and marketing, instructions that enable easy technical support for remote customers, and user manuals that consumers can understand without stress caused by cognitive load.

Let’s be honest. Our solution is simple and anyone can use it, but it does require 1-2 hours of training to learn how to use AR Studio. Once learnt, however, working with AR is easy. You simply import 3D models, add texts and animations, export to a cloud server, and send a QR code to users. The users read the QR code in the app, download the AR content, and play it anytime, anywhere. If you could obtain a tool that can be useful in a variety of situations in exchange for a few hours of your time, don’t you think it’s worth the investment?


Advantages of AR over Videos and 3D Manuals

We are often asked by companies, “We use videos and 3D manuals, why should we switch to AR?”. That is a fair question. While videos, 3D manuals and AR could be mutually substituting and complementary in some situations, there are few advantages of AR – especially the advantages of Misterine’s AR platform – we’d like to emphasize.


  • More realistic, immersive, and comfortable user experience.

Video is good enough for conveying information, but it doesn’t allow you to interact with objects like AR. Watching videos is passive, whereas playing AR is active. If you want to learn faster, active learning is certainly more effective. 3D manuals are similar to AR manuals; however, the biggest difference is the user experience. The best way to learn things is to see things in the real world, not only on the screen, and AR imitates the situation very close to reality. AR objects and instructions can also be superimposed on real objects, allowing users to learn what tasks should be performed on the actual equipment rather than virtually.

If you wish, AR can be made compatible with smart glasses as well as smartphones and tablets. AR with smart glasses is perfect for hands-free operations and an even more immersive experience. Better yet, we are developing a VR platform that is compatible with our AR platform. This means that in the future you can create content for both AR and VR and use them in different situations.


  • Easy control on views, learning on your pace.

With video, you cannot control a viewpoint. With 3D manual, you can control a viewpoint, but you need to know how to operate the software. With AR, you simply hold a device, walk around the object, move closer or further away, and you can easily observe the objects from all angles and even the structure inside. Moreover, step-by-step playback eliminates the stress of searching for the playback position.


  • Reduction of workload and cost.

The general perception is that AR is expensive, but this is not true if you have an editor that allows you to create and edit your own content. Think about how much you are paying external companies to create nice promotional videos or technical 3D manuals. Once the content is fixed, it usually cannot be used for anything other than its intended purpose, and you must contact your supplier whenever you want to make minor changes. Compared to the investment required to create videos or 3D manual contents, Misterine’s AR platform could be a solution that ultimately saves a lot of money.


  • Experience sharing with colleagues.

You can place AR objects in one location and view them with a group of people. If you are looking for a way to achieve efficient group learning or experience sharing, AR is one of the best solutions.


AR is no longer a future technology that is out of reach. With Misterine’s AR platform, a single 3D CAD model can be transformed to different AR solutions that can be leveraged by various departments. Such AR solutions increase efficiency, reduce human error, cut down workload and costs, and effectively achieve digitization in your company. Let’s start today – we are happy to discuss solutions tailored to your needs!


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