Empowering Creators with Low-Code and No-Code AR Platforms

The creator economy is definitely booming with hundreds of millions of creators spread across different industries. Today, virtually anyone has the potential to become a creator regardless of age, gender, and location. They can easily access digital tools to unlock their imagination and produce content for various purposes such as education, training, blogging, and marketing.

But while there is a plethora of tools available for content creation, creators still face challenges in addressing the evolving needs of people. One of the emerging needs we see today is the demand for more augmented reality experiences.

The Clamor for Augmented Reality Experiences

A global report in 2021 shows that 76 percent of the global population want to use AR as a practical tool in their everyday lives. This shows that people have seen the benefits the technology brings beyond gaming and entertainment. Many are eager to reap these benefits, as AR and VR technologies are integrated into education, healthcare, business, and other sectors.

However, there are barriers slowing the adoption of augmented reality in other industries. Among these are the lack of meaningful AR content and the limited enablement of creators. Fortunately, these two barriers can be addressed by empowering creators with low-code and no-code platforms.

What are Low-Code and No-Code Platforms?

In app development, low-code and no-code platforms enable people to create websites, apps, and software even if they do not have any coding knowledge. Drag-and-drop interfaces, visual design tools, intuitive graphics, and other functionalities make it possible for non-developers to create their own software. These platforms help build and deploy applications at a faster pace to propel digital transformation across all industries.

Low-code and no-code platforms are also spurring growth in AR development enabling creators of all backgrounds to create their own AR experiences. Misterine Studio, for one, lets us create an augmented reality experience even with little or no coding knowledge. The platform has a user-friendly dashboard with easy-to-use tools and features to turn creative ideas into engaging and interactive AR experiences. The AR content can be easily shared and viewed by other users through the Misterine App.

People who may have been previously discouraged from creating AR content due to a lack of coding knowledge and technical hardware now have the power to do so. And by empowering creators, low-code and no-code platforms accelerate the widespread adoption of AR.

Accelerating AR Adoption by Empowering Creators

Access to knowledge and tools has always been a key to growth and development. By empowering creators with AR/VR solutions, we can spur growth in different industries. We give them the impetus to advance their skills and give value to their communities. We create opportunities for them to engage in creative pursuits and potentially find a market to monetize their talents. Ultimately, these all lead to progress that brings value to our society as a whole.

To understand more about how a low-code or no-code platform can be used to create and share AR experiences, sign up for the Misterine Studio (free version is available here) and download the Misterine App (free AR demos are available here).

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