About Us

Since Misterine’s establishment in 2016, we have been developing innovative AR and VR solutions for industry. Headquartered in the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, we serve customers all over the world. Our customer portfolio covers wide a range of industries – aviation, space, automotive, robotics, electronics, machineries, energy, furniture, consumer products, and more.

During the development and testing of our flagship software Misterine Studio & App – AR authoring tool and AR device application, we collaborated with ESA (The European Space Agency) and GE Aviation. We are currently developing our technology’s additional infrastructure for VR training and for digitization of the service industry. Misterine Studio & App allows a user to create, edit and play AR manuals and presentations without any programming knowledge.

We also collaborate with companies that are focused on digital transformation (DX). AR plays a key role in the digitalization of factories and their operation in terms of visualizing the data and instructions that are collected through smart factory, digital twin, industry 4.0 and IoT. Giving people access to the right amount of information whenever and wherever needed is the advantage of AR and the key to improving the efficiency of operations.

Image showing the Misterine App on a phone and tablet with a PC monitor in the background showing the Misterine Studio


“Be a Visionary in Augmenting Industrial Processes”

Our goal is to provide people with the power to create, understand and
maintain any technological inventions in an easily understood manner.

Company History


In 2019, Misterine was selected as one of the “Top 10 AR/VR Solution Providers” by CIO Applications.

“…Companies are confronted with the challenge of coping with the dynamic market and competitors, while making sure their employees are capable of handling these complex workflows and fast product changes. At this juncture, there is a need for businesses to implement robust solutions for simplifying workflows and transfer of data efficiently. In an ambitious bid to address these issues and facilitate streamlined workflows with the promises of Augmented Reality (AR), Misterine was brought into existence…” (see the whole article HERE)

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