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Misterine Studio & App (Business)

Our all-in-one software allows you to create and play training sessions or manuals in augmented reality, in few hours. No programming knowledge is required.

Misterine Studio & App (Education)

Misterine Studio & App is the perfect solution for digitizing teaching materials. It's an easy and affordable way for schools to create AR contents, and motivate students to learn with fun.

Misterine Studio & App (Personal)

Use a new way to interact with the world of physics. Our AR platform Misterine Studio & App does not require any programming knowledge – it benefits all kind of users.

AR Visualization for Kitchen Studios

Let your customer try new kitchen designs at home. AR can show an actual-size kitchen in the real environment. Stay one step ahead of the competition and increase your success rate!

Misterine - AR manual and presentation for business

Misterine - Creator & Player (AR Authoring Tool)

Misterine's innovative AR authoring tools "Creator" and "Player" (recently renamed as "Studio" and "App") allows anyone to create an AR demonstration without external help.

Misterine - AR for an Operation Manual

Misterine - AR for Technical Support

The AR maintenance manual provides user-friendly technical support, without generating additional costs, by augmenting step-by-step instructions on the actual machinery and providing reliable and comprehensible guidance to users who do not have enough expertise in specific operations. Misterine provides a custom-made solution tailored to your needs for all activities in maintenance fields.

Misterine - AR for Notebook Disassembly (Demo)

Augmented and Assisted reality demonstration

Misterine - AR for Industrial Use (1 min / no sound)

Misterine - AR for Industrial Use

Misterine provides innovative AR solutions to high-tech industries including aerospace, electronics and automotive. Our primary focus is enabling people to perform complex operations with greater ease and to concentrate more effectively on their core tasks by utilizing interactive visual instructions.

Misterine - AR for Quality Assurance

Misterine provides AR solutions for quality assurance. Using the overhead camera, our advanced image recognition and precise spatial tracking technology can monitor and comprehend the user’s activities as well as the current state of the objects in view. The interactive A.R. system provides step-by-step instructions, recognizes errors, and provides advice for corrective actions through the overhead projector. It can also project a virtual keyboard onto any smooth surface on the desk.

Misterine - AR for Navigation

With the support of AR, operators can easily access databases and receive visual feedback on the device in their hands, whether in the office or on the shop floor. In situations which require two free hands, smart glasses or HoloLens can be used instead of tablets. Our intelligent AR system can even navigate operators to the exact object they are looking for. When searching for an object on a device, the A.R. system shows arrows and guides operators to the place where the object is stored.

Misterine - AR for Training

Misterine’s training program using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality provides an ideal solution for saving costs and developing human resources. There are only three things you need to prepare: one computer, one head-mounted display, and a few square meters of empty space.

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