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Are you looking for solutions for digital transformation (DX)? Misterine provides a wide range of customized AR solutions, especially for factory operations. In recent years, global companies have started recognizing the importance of Industry 4.0, digital twin, smart factory and Industrial IoT – but how do we achieve these goals in reality? Massive amounts of data are collected and stored in cloud computing systems – but how can we maximize our use of it?

Leveraging augmented reality is one of the most promising solutions for such digitalization in manufacturing. The visual impact of AR reduces cognitive load significantly – which enables people to learn faster, eliminate human error, reduce workload and focus on their core tasks.


AR Navigation

Imagine that you are looking for an item in a factory. Now you hold a smart phone (or alternatively wear a head-mounted display or smart glasses), open the application and search for the item.

The application instantly shows an arrow in AR and navigates you to the current location of the item. There is no need for you to return to your desk, sit down in front of the computer and search the database. You can simply rely on this AR navigation anytime anywhere in the factory.

AR Data Visualization

Imagine that you bring a customer to your factory. You want to show them how efficient your factory operation is.

Now you hand over a device (or smart phone or smart glasses) to the customer and ask them to look around the factory through it.

On the screen, the customer sees tags on each machinery or item in AR. By tapping such tags, they can instantly see real-time data of the machinery or the item.

AR X-ray Viewer

Imagine that you are visiting a customer’s factory for the first time to repair electric cables. Instead of asking around where the main utility room is and trying to figure out which electric cable has to be exchanged, you simply open the application on your mobile phone and find the customer’s name in the database.

The application quickly gives you AR instructions on where to go, what to look for and which circuit breaker to turn off – but there’s more than that.

The application also gives you X-ray vision of pipes and electric cables behind the wall in AR so that you can easily check the cable connections and quickly identify potential problems.

AR Sorting Support

Imagine that you are working on complicated manual tasks at a work station. In the past, you sometimes got confused or made mistakes because each item and operation is different.

Now the overhead camera recognizes the operation you’re working on, and instructions are interactively projected onto the surface of the work station. All you need to do now is follow the instructions given by AR, confirm the task, and move to the next one.

The system is interactive – so if you miss the instruction, the computer vision immediately detects the errors and gives you feedback. A virtual keyboard, a breakthrough solution for saving work space, is also available.

Providing the right
amount of information

whenever and wherever you need in the most visually intuitive manner

is the real benefit of AR for digital transformation. The above solutions are only a few selected examples. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion – we will be happy to develop customized AR solutions for you!

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