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Fields of Interest


Starting a Car

Sit behind the wheel and learn how to start a manual car

AC Maintenance

Watch step-by-step instruction for maintenance of an outdoor AC unit

Eye Discovery

Go through the functions of the human eye and see how it works


Compare the size of planets and how fast they are rotating around the Sun

Mars Rover

Check out the launching procedure of Mars Rover and names of each item

Driving School

Learn correct driving rules in each traffic situation (left-hand drive)

IKEA Furniture

See our 3D manual for assembling an IKEA drawer

Motor Assembly

Check out how to assemble a motor and see its inner moving structure

Terrace Overview

Imagine how it would look to build a terrace at your house

Conic Sections

Learn how conic sections (circle, parabola, ellipse, etc.) are formed


See short description of two cells - a neuron and a plant cell


Check out how to assemble copper parts and create a swing

Electric Bulbs

Learn how to light a bulb with a battery (elementary school 3rd grade)


Learn how electromagnets work (elementary school 6th grade)


Watch a short demonstration of the Black Widow spider

Apartment Tour

Take a tour inside an apartment without actually visiting it

The Robots – Episode 1

A modern robot finds parts of a rusty robot and tries to assemble him

The Robots – Episode 2

The modern robot tries to revive the rusty robot with energy drinks

The Robots – Episode 3

Upset rusty robot chases the modern robot and they fight against each other

The Robots – Episode 4

The rusty robot saves broken modern robot and they become best friends

Beer at Pub

Have fun with AR beers - when you cannot drink but want to have a feeling of it

Christmas Greetings

Enjoy AR seasonal greetings from Misterine (Dec 2021)

CNC Machine

Check out a demonstration of a CNC model and see its functions

Milling Machine

Check out a 360-degree view of a milling machine

Bayside View

Learn how the bayside is developed in Yokohama Minatomirai, Japan

Planetary Gear

Learn principles of the planetary transmission

Sorting Algorithms

Check out how the sorting algorithms of asymptotic complexity O(N^2) work

MacPherson Suspension

Learn the structure of the most famous suspension system for cars

Inside the Computer

See and learn the internal components and structure of a computer

How to Use a Microscope

Check out how to use a real compound light microscope

Hot Wheels Racing Track

Enjoy a Hot Wheels racing track assembled with several track builder sets

Birthday Cake Animation

Surprise your friend by sending them a virtual birthday card with a cake

RC Car Unboxing

Get inspired how to use AR for product presentations, advertising and sales

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