Leveraging Augmented Reality to Boost Business Growth

2022 is indeed the year of augmented reality. We now see an accelerated adoption of AR solutions across different industries. With recent advances in technology making AR more accessible, most businesses are integrating AR applications into their digital transformation initiatives. If you’re still exploring how AR fits into your business, here are some ideas on how to leverage the technology for business growth.

How to Leverage Augmented Reality for Business Growth

1.  Create interactive user manuals.

Whether for internal use or for consumers, interactive manuals are more effective in relaying instructions. Teams can gain a more thorough understanding of the equipment and maximize its use. AR-based instructions can be easier for customers to follow, and users are empowered to troubleshoot minor problems on their own.

2.  Accelerate onboarding and training.

Using digital overlays of the actual workplace enables you to train new employees faster and more efficiently. Interactive 3D images used in training help with better knowledge retention. As you are able to equip new hires with the skills they need, they can contribute better to overall productivity.

3.  Enable interactive product walkthroughs.

Consumer insights show that products with VR/AR content generate 94 percent higher conversion rates. With product information being a major factor in purchasing decisions, it makes sense to give customers better access to data. Making product walkthroughs more interactive with digital overlays increases engagement and leads to more conversions.

4.  Facilitate hybrid work setups.

Augmented reality can enhance collaboration among teams by enabling wider access to information and more accurate visualization of elements of a product or project. More importantly, using AR tech promotes asynchronous collaboration among distributed teams. It lets you manage remote teams better by allowing people to share knowledge and experiences with others regardless of their differences in geographical location or time zone.

5.  Allow guided navigation in-store or at the workplace.

AR can be used to help customers navigate around a physical store to find specific products, get recommendations, avail discounts, or see the latest offers. This enhances customer experience and leads to higher retention rates.
At the workplace, guided navigation through AR can help new employees adjust faster to the environment. This helps reduce training costs and improve productivity.

Harness the Power to Create

While augmented reality undoubtedly propels business growth, deploying AR solutions can be costly. Still, there are cost-effective ways to utilize the technology.

Misterine Studio, in particular, enables businesses to easily integrate AR experiences into their processes without having to heavily invest in infrastructure and software. Designed as a no-code user-friendly platform, Misterine Studio lets you create interactive 3D experiences even with little to no programming knowledge. It allows you to harness the power of augmented reality to add more value to your business.

Download the Misterine app to see what immersive experiences you can build and share. To know more about custom AR solutions that can elevate the way you do business, visit

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