Using AR enabled operation manuals, operators can see visual instructions directly on the physical objects, without having to interrupt their workflow to read written manuals. AR operation manuals can be a solution for reducing operating time and human error in the course of complicated assembly or maintenance procedures.

As part of a project with ESA and GE Aviation, Misterine is developing a software environment for the creation of AR operation manuals. This solution enables users to create AR manuals instead of one-off solutions development.


Users can develop knowledge about how to manipulate equipment and execute procedures with augmentations guiding their learning while using the actual device. In each step, trainees can check details of procedures or of parts on devices, either visually or in writing. AR systems can also verify and record training performance. AR training reduces the number of trainers needed, training time, and costs.


AR technology can be utilized for quality assurance, especially in the situation where activities of operators can be monitored and assessed by visual recognition. Our boxed solutions can not only recognize errors and give corrective actions, but also provide necessary information for each part or process as required.


At factories with one-piece flow manufacturing, AR can help reducing takt time and human error. When a product flows to an operator, a camera mounted in higher place recognizes the product, software determine necessary parts, and a projector set above projects instructions on a working table. Operators can reduce time by elimination of the need to check written instructions and correct mistakes.

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VIPER system imports CAD data, analyses them for semantical information and enhances them with additional domain relevant information in order to automatically create industry manuals, processes and training protocols. 

VIPER provides tools for automatic, semi-automatic and manual process creation including general structure, animation and human readable description. It also provides integrity check in case the input data change.

VIPER deploys electronic manuals and training processes to many devices from smartphones to smart glasses. Together with object recognition and accurate spatial tracking it increases efficiency and safety of any industrial process.

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  • 作業時間の短縮(特にインプットデータが可変である場合)
  • 人手不足の解消(特に熟練技能者不足の解消)
  • 業務効率の向上
  • トレーニング負担の軽減


  • ヒューマンエラーの防止
  • 品質保証の向上
  • 統計情報の自動記録、レポートの自動作成