Company mission

“Be a Pioneer in Augmenting Industrial Processes”

Our goal is to provide people with the power to create, understand and maintain any inventions in an easily understood manner.

Business competitiveness
  • Focusing on most-advanced industries which require great precision, quality and safety.
  • Experience in working with market-leading companies in the industries.
  • Creating practical and solid industry solutions to support and foster skilled workers.
  • Developing an AR authoring tool (VIPER project) which is applicable in wide range of scenarios and freely adjustable by users.
  • Experience in working with worldwide market-leading companies such as GE Aviation, ESA and IHI.
History of misterine

Misterine is a start up company in the Czech Republic. Before moving to industrial fields, Misterine was more active in B to C business. For example, one of our former products called Theatre VR was a unique interactive software with VR and AR technology, which allowed people to feel like being part of the theatre. Players could choose a role, say lines, move around the stage, and make acting gestures while the other characters were driven by a computer.

It received the first place award at Game Developer Session 2017.

Years later, Misterine decided to undertake a major shift and started B to B business with AR technology. With an increased interest in digitalization and interactive visualization in recent years, the needs for AR solution rapidly increased – which largely contributed to Misterine for expanding business especially in high tech industries. On top of that, countries that are suffering from low unemployment rate started exploring AR solution, as it can provide professional technical assistance to non-skilled workers.


Martin Klíma
Chief Technology Officer

Kristopher Blom
Product Manager

Zuzana Horáková
HR Manager

Sayaka Yamashita
Bussiness Development Manager

Wei Wang
Business Development Manager